Details Saturday 28.03.2020

 10:00 -11:00 

- Workshop with Freaky Candy, IT

 Pop at baloon popping

What you need to bring:

- 1 scissor 

- "gift tape roll" 

- 10 balloons per student*

- 1 sewing pin

*an inflater machine will be available, but if you have, please bring also a hand air pump.

Who can attend: Anyone and everyone welcome


 11:30 -12:30
Character, Charisma and Characterization in Burlesque
what is Charisma on stage, and how can you bring more character to your own burlesque acts?

- Workshop with Bana Banana, ES

What should participants bring with:

comfortable clothes and 1 prop (gloves, or boa, or a fan...)
Who can attend: Anyone and everyone welcome

 12:30 - 14:00 Lunch Break

14:15 -15:45  

- Workshop with Coney Bow, FR

This is not a chair

"This is not a chair”, explores how performing with a chair can be more than just having a resting tool on stage. Coney Bow will cover the specifics of chair dancing (balance, transitions, etc.) as well as guide you through the different use of a chair in a choreography. Throughout a series of exercises and short routines, you will learn basic moves that can be used in a burlesque choreography and how to make them look elegant, sexy and effortless. Be ready to use your abs and maybe hang upside down. Come with an open mind and you will discover that chair dancing is all about perception.

What should participants bring with:

Please wear something comfortable that you can easily move in, that covers your legs, feet and torso (bare skin can be painful on the chair) and that won’t get caught in the chair. Preferably a T-shirt or fitted top and long pants and socks or tights and shorts. Low dance heels optional. Please no stilettos!!!
Who can attend: Anyone and everyone welcome


- Workshop with Miss Botero

Body Positivity, learn to love yourself.

Full of talks, moves and love.

Please come with very comfortable clothing. If you feel well enough you can uncloth progressively to underwear. Nothing is an obligation! Please state clearly what are your boundaries during exercices and listen to yourself. We are here together with BENEVOLENCE to make peace with our body and even learn to love it with all the glory of it’s imperfections and flaws. I will guide you through exercices that will give you a few keys to a better relationship with your carnal self.

Who can attend: Anyone and everyone welcome



20:00 After Party and Show doors open
Venue: Clubhaus des BASTARDS MC, Boschstraße17, 71336 Waiblingen / Neustadt

21:15 Show start

Bana Banana, ES

Coney Bow, FR

Freaky Candy, IT

Magenta Lust, UK
Miss Botero, FR

Noéline la Bouche , DE

Violetta Poison, MEX/DE

… more to be announced...

Hosted by Celeste de Moriae, CRO/DE

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