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Welcome at the EBaVC Podcast - Share  your thoughts

watch, listen, share and learn

Here we will present featured videos of different people of the show industry. We will post them during the lock down every 7 to 14 days.
The aim is to share thoughts, tips and important themes.

If you want to be featured, please send a email to:


The EBaVC - Share your thoughts. -   Vol. 1

Presents: Miss Botero
The French Legend speaks about her career, give insights in the burlesque history and the way how to behave backstage.

Watch it on YouTube:


The EBaVC - Share your thoughts.  -  Vol. 2

Presenting: Trixie Blue
Trixie Blue speaks about her online shows and classes. And give tips for online performing and producing.

Watch it on YouTube:


The EBaVC - Share your thoughts.  -  Vol. 3

Presents: Sophia Von Syren
Sophia von Syren speaks about her and give tips to new performers.

Watch it on YouTube:



The EBaVC - Share your thoughts.  - Vol. 4

Presents: Gaea Lady
Gaea Lady is sharing some inspiring words with us. She speaks about her projects. About spirituality, the art and how to deal with the pandemic situation.

Watch it on YouTube:



The EBaVC - Share your thoughts.  -  Vol. 5


Presents: Magenta Lust
Magenta Lust speak about mental health and performing.

Watch it on YouTube:


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