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Anker 1

A touring congress and fair for performers, producers and everyone who work in the show business, or is interested to lean more about.

- Seminars
- Lectures
- Workshops
- Legends

- Mentoring programs
- Themed Movies
- Performances

- Presentations of shows and festivals

- Stalls
- and much more...

Don't forget, we have a live artist who can draw you as a portrait or a quick sketch and a tattoo artist where you can get a tattoo done.

We will look for Workshops, Movies, Producers and Performers who want to tell their stories, and much more needed themes in the show business.

We want to bring helpful tips in performing, Producing, running a show or Festival, travelling information, Discussions, Presentation of new projects, support, and a lot of positive energy.


In collaboration with the Cres Fringe Festival

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