Details Friday 27.03.2020

  • 10:00 -11:30  
    - Discussion with Kitty Lix and Roxie Venom, FI
    "Drama queens or musketeers, who do we want to be?"
    An open discussion about how to deal with differences, understanding the past and how to stay united in the burlesque world.
    We discovered that there is a lot of drama and bullying in the burlesque scene, that can be really hurtful. We want to talk about backgrounds of eating disorders, health issues etc and why it is important to lift each other in this scene, instead of put each other down and why we shouldn't accept that kind of behaviour in this business.
    We will give you some questions before, to make the theme perfect for everyone.
    Duration: 1,5 h
    Who can attend: all kind of performers and people who are interested to talk.

  • 11:45 -12:45   
    -SpeechDiscussion with Magenta Lust, UK
    Mental health and performance art
    An open conversation about mental health awareness within the performance
    industry, as well as the importance of self care.

    Duration: 1 h
    Who can attend: Anyone and everyone welcome

 12:45 - 14:00 Lunch Break

  • 14:15 -15:45  
    - Live Performance Cnoey Bow, IT 
    - A Speech with the Burlesque Legend Miss Botero, FR
    Lecture about the Burlesque History in Europe and World.
    Where Burlesque started, how it began. Information and stories about Burlesque, insider knowledge and tips.
    Duration: 1 h

    Who can attend: Anyone and everyone welcome

  • 16:15 -17:30  
    - live performance Bana Banana, ES
    - A Speech with Coney Bow, FR
    Adding specific dance techniques or tricks to your acts
    A presentation on how to smoothly incorporate technical moves, specific dance
    styles or tricks in burlesque acts as well as the dos and don'ts when creating a
    dance/technical based numbers.
    Duration: 1 h

    Who can attend: Anyone and everyone welcome

  • 17:45 -19:15  
    - A Discussion with Noéline la Bouche and Violetta Poison, DE
    Cultural Exchange
    Cultural exchange is an important theme for the show industry, but also in the normal life. We want to talk about this theme and go on for a better together.
    You'll have the option to send your questions per email in or write it on a paper sheet you get handed at the doors.
    Duration: 1 h
    Who can attend: Anyone who is interested to go with us in a better together.

  • 19:15 - 20:00   Come together

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